Wednesday, May 30, 2007

School Daze...

Today since I had some time waiting on work to roll in....Noah and I ran some errands. I decided to go check into some schools in the area and talk to some people to find out if he would try school again this coming fall...what we would have to do NOW in order to make that happen.

SO....I did finally find the correct school he would attend. Noah seems to "WANT" to try a public school now and I think he is much more prepared and ready to try it. I am not sure how it will all work out and that makes me very nervous and apprehensive. BUT if he is willing to give it a shot and is halfway excited about it...I don't want to him to miss out on that chance. SO...we will proceed and fill out the papers and have him tested and go from there. He is even talking about staying in a regular full-day at school which I am not 100% certain he is ready for.....and what he would take for lunch in a lunch-box - - so I will not discourage him.

The schools in this area look very worn and old....but hopefully they will be more than adequate inside. Coming from Colorado and the horrors of Columbine I have been less than pleased with what appears to be a huge lack of security in most of the schools. BUT I have to remember this is a much smaller town and they are behind the times or just don't feel a need which is absurd. Tragedy can occur even in a small town. I mean even the local courthouse has NO METAL DETECTOR inside! I don't care if it is a small town......would they not think perhaps it a good idea to have a metal detector in a courthouse? Some locked doors from the outside at the schools instead of leaving them not only unlocked but usually open if the weather is warm outside? YES...most of these schools apparently have NO air conditioning so they leave the doors wide open.

We only took a brief look around today and will actually go back for a more formal tour and everything at another time. The teachers and principal all seem very nice and helpful. Of course when they see FUNDING dollars walking into their school they would appear that way. I hate to say that but it is true.

I am hoping he can get into some summer program for an extra boost. Not sure the local school district provides that. He will have much to review before he is tested too......and hopefully he will pass enough to get into the third grade which is where he should be.

Anxious and apprehensive...I can feel those ole' familiar knots starting to form in my stomach again.....reminiscent from preschool days and attempts at kindergarten.

I have to learn to let this go.....


marie6 said...

Wishing you all, the best of luck for when Noah starts school, and I hope he will be happy there and safe too.

Patty said...

He seems to have made so many new adjustments and tries new things, it may all work out just fine.

It would be nice if you could find something during the summer to try to get him use to a routine that will be different for him.

Most day care places don't have a lot planned during the summer months, that's why I was surprised when Melissa mention all that Audrey's day care has planned this year. I don't think they did much of anything in the past, unless it was because of her age, now that she's older, perhaps they find more for the older ones to do.

Now Mom, you also have to get yourself all braced and ready for the school year. It's hard even when you know your child won't have any problems, to let them go, and it doesn't matter if you have one or five, their first time leaving is hard. You worry and you want to call or just sneak up and take a peek in a window to see what's going on, but you can't do that, I know, I've been there. I worried about each of you when you first went off to school for the first time. Then every year after Summer break, I had that to go through again. Even when you all got up into high school, I was always wondering how that first day, first week, first month went.

I actually enjoyed you kids being home in the summer, I knew where you were and what was going on. This also meant I didn't have to worry about having clothes ready, lunches packed, breakfast on the table so you guys could eat a little something before you left for the day and if possible me running you guys to school in the car. If I didn't have a car, then I worried wondering if you got there and everything was ok, especially in the Winter.

Which school would it be? Your Father and I both went to the East School, I think that's what it was called. I only went there for about a year, then we moved to Arcanum.

Well have to run, called Mom this morning, but they were taking her through some of her excercises in the room. Becky visited her last evening. I stayed home, but I will be going over today.

Love you both,

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

well mom I believe he might attend the same school...will not know until he has some testing done to make sure which grade he will be in. They have now divided up the schools to where they are only putting like 2-3 grades in any one school for the elementary schools. So they have changed his home school around pending the grade level he will be in.

I know part of my issues with him is control. I KNOW I have to deal with that aspect in a HUGE way because I do not want to end up with a little Norman Bates on my hands one day....I know that sounds terrible but that is the extreme. I do not want Noah to be dependent on someone for the rest of his life. It is my job to raise him to NOT be afraid to TRY and spread his wings and do it! ANYTHING he wants to! I am not going to allow myself or any silly fears I may have to stand in his way. I have to also turn a lot of this over to God to handle. Because He can do so much more as far as watching over Noah than I ever would be able to do.

My job is to raise Noah to be a healthy, happy, productive person in society...and to not be afraid to try things on his own and to even try something he is not sure he will like. I do not want to ingrain negativity into his mind in any degree. The world is too full of that already.

I had a very hard time the first time I let him attend preschool. He had always been in my presence from the time of his birth. He has never been with a babysitter. I realize I have an issue...and I realize I have to fix that. SO I will with God's grace and help because I certainly as a female human being/mother cannot do it by myself. BUT I am getting better.

I was able to let him go to preschool and even got to the point where I did not worry about him while there. I am happy he wants to try school and am going to brainwash us all into a POSITIVE outlook for the entire scenario!

Melissa said...

Well, when little Audrey was only 5 years old, I had tears running down my cheeks when she got on the bus for the first day of school. But, she went and enjoyed it. I do have to say for this little town, they now have all the school doors locked all the time from the outside. When visitors come in they have to ring a bell and the security camera lets the office see you. Audrey's school isn't air conditioned either, and with them keeping the doors shut, her room gets really hot, but they let them take water bottles.

Audrey's daycare this summer is having a summer day camp. She had to complete 1st grade before she could participate in it.

It will all work out in the end!