Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Noah and I took some pictures of the moon last night

We have had a couple of nice days. I have switched my schedule at work and suddenly have much more free time. Noah and I have spent some time outside tossing the football and he has played with the neighbor girls. Today he and I ate our first meal outside. It has been very nice. Last night we sat outside and captured about 100 shots of the moon. I did not take time to grab a tripod and it was very difficult to try to hold my hands steady to get what I did. BUT here they are. HOPE other moon viewers enjoy! We had a lot of clouds too rolling by. Noah and I had a blast and he wants to do it again tonight. Next up will be getting the telescopes out and calibrating it for Ohio and seeing what we can see.

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Keith said...

Beautiful... I had the same sights as well. Wish My camera would take that kind of quality