Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dear Noah...

We went to see Grandma C. today in the rehab center. You did very well while there and even hopped into her bed with her and snuggled up close.

We then stopped over to see grandma and grandpa L. Your aunt Becky was there too. We only stayed there about 1 hour and then headed back home. You fell asleep on the drive back.

You were upset about having to leave as usual. Once home you thought you needed to go back out and get something to eat OUT at a restaurant. I SAID NO. You even managed to squeeze ONE tear out of your eye and came out to the kitchen to show me the tear. I guess you thought it would make an impression but I just told you "yes I see it now wipe it off"....haha...which you did. And back to your room you went and I am warming you up some leftover KFC and potato wedges you had from lunch.

I just hauled the trash out to the curb. Should have mowed......looks like it will rain now.

I love you!


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Patty said...

It was nice seeing you last evening for a while. We got over to see Grandma C, she had the TV on. Becky and I stayed until almost 9pm. I folded back her covers and she got on her nightgown while we were there. I helped her put the footies on that have the rubber like tread on the bottoms so she won't slip when she gets up on the floor.

Then we left, I dropped Becky off at her drive way, ran through the drive through and got a bag of ice, came on home and put on my nightgown and watched the movie called Starter Wife. Did a load of laundry, and then when the movie was over, put some photos on my blog for Aunt Angela's Birthday.

Today is Audrey's last day of school. It sounds like her day care has a lot of things planned for her and the kids to do this summer.

Have to run. Hope you and Mommy are having a good day. Love you both.