Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday before Memorial Day...

Noah seems to be feeling a bit better. He is much more active and vocal today. I have kept him inside the last 2 days as much as possible and that has helped...along with over-the-counter allergy/cold medicines.

It has been pretty hot and muggy here and in some other areas.....we have had no rain for awhile now....and I thought I would post a snippet of our neighbor snow-blowing his driveway during the blizzard 2007 in Ohio.

Check it out here SNOW BLOW


Anonymous said...

Well the snow blower looked familiar. I don't like the snow anymore. Not for me. I get too cold.

We thought we were going to get a bad storm last night and it did thunder several times and it rained once for about 1 minute and that was it. Just enough to make Mack nervous and he wanted to spend time in my bedroom which he did but he wasn't there this morning. Guess he got over it and came back out with your mother.

Hope you are all OK.

Grandma L. said...

Be nice to have just a little light covering of that right now, cool things off a bit.

But then it would probably damage so many crops, trees and etc. Just perhaps a little cooler weather for a few days.

Until we get a good rain, we're going to have this smog/pollution in the air. It rained here last evening around 10, but it didn't last long.

Glad your allergies are feeling better Noah. I understand you called Grandma C. yesterday. I was over for about an hour last evening. She was due to get a pain pill at 8, and she looked tired and sleepy, but then myself, I think she's been through a lot and it hasn't even been a week yet.

Well little fellow, you take care of your nose and throat. Love you bunches.