Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Focus......Believe.......You CAN do anything...

"There is an invisible box that we have created around ourselves, which defines our horizon. Things within this box are within reach, achievable, see-able, safe, touchable, believable, feasible, possible. "Outside this box is a region beyond our wildest imagination. Things in this domain are too much to handle or contemplate. They are beyond reach. We rarely think about things that lay awaiting us in this outside box, so we never end up busting thru our own self-imposed barriors." - Usiere Uko

the power of this clip isn’t so much about the idea of “giving it our best” or the ideal of persistence as it is in the PROOF that we can EXCEED any self-imposed limits through internal vision.

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Grandma said...

Good morning Noah. Hope you've gotten over the throat problem and it was just more like allergy then a sore throat from an infection.

Love you, have fun today and don't get too warm. It's suppose to get really hot today.

Tell Mommy, I love her to.