Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dear Noah:

Today Aunt Melissa and cousin Audrey came over to visit. You had a great time playing with Audrey. You both went outside and got hot so you cooled off in the pool splashing around (just your feet) for a bit (but your clothes got wet) you both then dried off in the sun so we could go get you both some lunch and then head to the park to play...

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Then we took your lunches to the park and let you play there. Part of the fun was you and Audrey both spinning in these weird pieces of playground both loved to spin in them though it looked like you both might puke (in reality I think it was me and your Aunt Melissa that felt like puking just watching you two do all that spinning on a full stomach!)

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Audrey is really strong and loves the monkey bars!

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I noticed you are both at that awkward stage for teeth.....I do hope Noah your front teeth will settle back where they should be soon!

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You had a blast and I enjoyed my visit. It has been too long since we visited with Melissa and Audrey. I get a kick out of them both!

HERE are a couple of clips of you two spinning....just click on the links!




Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
Good evening. Grandma C is doing great, the doctor said.

You and Audrey look like you had loads and loads of fun, but all that spinning almost made old Grandma L feel a little sick to her tummy.

Have pleasant dreams tonight, love you, Grandma

Kindness said...

Wow Melinda! Great photos all around. It warms my heart to see Noah having such great interaction with others! I really loved the racoon too!