Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear Noah:

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Today you came to me telling me this. That your camera was "small" and you wanted to sit it on a RR tie and film a train coming down the track! I about freaked. YOU KNOW the safety rules of RR crossings better than anyone! YOU KNOW you are not supposed to be close to the tracks or walking or playing around them ever but especially when a train is coming.

We went over this. You said you did not want to film from a car. AND you did not want to choose an abandoned train track. You wanted to put your camera on the middle of the tracks then. I explained that was not a better choice at if the train came everything including YOU would get smashed and you would be dead. I don't think you understand exactly what DEATH is yet.

I asked you many times to tell me you would never do something like this...and while you shook your were clearly upset and told me you did not want me to talk anymore about it.

THESE are the kinds of things we continue to have a hard time with. You have no clue sometimes even though you say you the real dangers about some things in life.

On another note however you are finally wiping yourself. You have done very well for the last 2 days. My goal is to have it completely NATURAL for you to do it by yourself by end of summer.

I will have to work on some way to show you how unsafe train crossings and tracks can be because right now when you watch train crashes and see fast trains coming down the track you just get more excited about it. NOT the reaction you need to stay safe.


I love you Noah. I most certainly don't want you to end up on a RR track somewhere chancing it all for a video clip of the train coming down the track, even if you mean just placing your camera there and leaving it on the tracks to record the train coming and passing overhead.

mommy XOXOXO


Grandma said...

I have no idea how you could show him or even explain to him so he'll remember and understand what can happen, if he's on the track when a train is coming. Be very thankful you don't live close to a train track that still operates.
Love you both

Daddy said...

Well My little man, You KNOW that the tracks are not to be played around. I am sure that you will begin to understand this more as you mother works on generl safety. I too will start a little bit of safety training too.

Love you dearly...