Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday before Memorial Day, 2007

Noah is being bothered by pollen and allergens in the environment I guess. He is not feeling all that well again and in fact is now down for a nap....something he never takes unless he is really sick!

I had to go to Lowes to pay off my account...a place he loves to frequent......and he was not really even into that. He wants to get a new swimming pool but did not have the energy to go into K-Mart to look at the ones they had on sale.

AND to top it all off I have checked his mouth and I swear it looks like he has more teeth coming in that should not be coming another row or extra teeth. I am not sure what they are. He will have to see the dentist at the Children's Medical Center next month. I am asking NOW for prayer for that as I know he will not handle it well and will likely have to be sedated to have even basic stuff done. I am hopeful he will not require a lot of work on his mouth but after checking in there I am not so sure. He will need some of his baby teeth pulled and his teeth cleaned in front.....I have no idea what they could or would do about his bucked teeth and extra teeth at his age...probably nothing yet.

While it has been hot but nice outside....we both seem to be bothered by whatever is in the air and any time we are outside for any period of time can get headaches or worse. SO we have stayed inside a lot with the AC on and the windows shut up. Running around today I am sure did not help him any. Nothing else much new on this end. I want to get my flags and stuff ready for Memorial Day.....but right now that does not seem such a priority.

I got my bills from his visit to the hospital that night and our recent doctor appointment. It was cheaper to take him to the hospital and also receive the medication there than have him see the doctor. I am thankful to have insurance and we will only have to pay a portion....but believe it or not the hospital bill was about HALF the cost of seeing the doctor and he got his medication there. I sometimes wonder if just running him down to that clinic is better and it is closer.

I need to go. Going to work while he is sleeping.

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day weekend......and let us not forget those who sacrificed their lives for us.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can get him to see the dentist and it should be OK when you get there. I am guessing they have some experience with children who have autism.

He must be sick or not feel good if he didn't want to look at the stuff he was interested in.

If he is allergic to things in the air then I am guessing his nose is draining and that is probably going into his stomach and making him feel sick.

It happened to me the other night and I woke up at 3 thinking I was going to vomit. Took some Malox and finally got over it.

Not sure what it was.

Went to see Grandma today. She has a nice room. Visited a while and came on back home. We don't want to let Mack dog here by himself too long. Don't think he would do anything but you never know.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

fluffy's the same way. he absolutely NEVER sleeps during the day unless he's sick. poor noah. so sorry about both of your allergies. and his teeth! another row????? are you sure? i say, use that clinic, especially if it's cheaper and closer!

happy long weekend to you. i hope you both feel better and have a sweet time.

Mom/Grandma said...

I hope he gets to feeling better. We need rain to get rid of this pollution we're having right now.

My cousin had an extra set of teeth come in behind his second teeth and they had to be pulled. This is my cousin Dwaine that had polio when we were small.

I think then I would take him to the after hours clinic if that's the case.

Well have to get myself dressed, do breakfast and check on the cats. Stay indoors until we get some rain to wash the stuff away outdoors. That's why we mowed early Thursday morning, we were done by 9am. They say it gets worse after around 10am.
Love you guys have a good day.