Thursday, May 03, 2007

Noah and his new Spongebob Squarepants Bedding

Yep. He decided to get Spongebob bedding for his room and it arrived today. I have to get some navy sheets for his bed and mattresses and he will be all set but here is what it looks like so far. I love it. The colors bring out the vanilla walls and they look more yellow and creamier. Like French Vanilla ice cream.

Noah seems to like everything a lot. The curtains came with tiebacks also so we can pull them open in the daytime if we like. SO next will be some matching Nick Jr. or navy sheets and pillow cases and mattress cover for his bottom mattress....and he will be all set. I would like some primary colored pillows on his bed too....but he has so much on his bed now....but I think solid red, yellow, and blue pillows would look nice on there but I am doubting he will want to give up the other ones on his bed like Bob the Builder and Sulley and Thomas the Tank Engine. Anyway......his room is finally coming together. A few things to switch around and organize and he will be all set and his room finished!

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Daddy said...

Oh my Noah!!! That looks freat in your room. You need to put your Spong Bob Squarepants Easter basket out there as well. It's nice to have new and colorful stuff for your room that is for sure. You look very happy about it as well. We will talk on Friday and you can share with me all about your great looking room.

Love you greatly, Daddy XXOOXXOO!!!

Kindness said...

Great taste Noah! Who doesn't love Sponge Bob! I like Patrick the best!

Grandma said...

WOW, Noah, what a great looking room. I'll have to come up and see it. Pretty colors, bright and cheerful looking. Love you little man. Tell Mommy I love her to. You and Mommy have a good evening.
Love, Grandma

K.C.'s Blog said...

Spongebob is just so cool Noah! I love Spongebob's laugh the most. Noah when I first started reading your Mama;s blog you were just a little guy and now you sure have grown up! You look wayyyyy taller and are a handsome young man. My little guy is 6 and he's growing up too fast for me!