Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dear Noah......what I was doing on Friday night...

checking the pasta in the box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for SPLIT noodles before cooking them because once cooked if you get a plate that has split cracked noodles mixed in with the rest you will NOT eat it. I have had a few boxes now where for some reason the noodles were SPLIT and when cooked they shred apart......and though I have explained to you a hundred times that THIS IS OKAY and the fact that YOU chewing them up to swallow them also shreds still refuse to eat them.

SO Friday you decided to have some mac and cheese for your supper. HAS to ONLY be KRAFT brand

and so far you have only eaten the regular and Blues Clues-shaped. YOU DO want to try the Spongebob-shaped and possibly the Fairly Odd Parents-shaped next.

BUT....I opened the last box we had last night of REGULAR Kraft mac and cheese and found the noodles...many of them.....SPLIT. I began sorting. I cooked up some hoping they would be okay....then realized you need to also LEARN that sometimes in life things will not always be the way you want them to be.

I have worked with you for YEARS now on that concept and you have made HUGE progress. Telling you CHANGE is inevitable and can be GOOD......that it is OKAY to try different things or a different routine. SO I warned you that some of your pasta would be split and it would be okay to eat them as is. You said okay which that in itself is huge for you.

Today when we go to the store we will pick up some more mac and cheese......and try NEW shapes. THAT is also a big step for you.

This all seems so silly and weird to most people. Most would not understand why I was doing what I was doing....and to tell you to just SUCK it up and get over it. me....part of me would like to just do that. I also know that does not work with you. It is not about that. It is about texture and tastes and changes in routines and what you expect....all issues you have huge problems do most autistic people and people with sensory integration disorder. are making progress and in many cases now you do just fine with new things and trying new things. Little by little.

anyway.......I love much.



Anonymous said...

Maybe someday he will be able to try some shapes that his grandma lincoln likes. Something like that might convince him. It must be hard. We saw a rose-breasted grosbeak today. Beautiful bird. I have him on the brookville blog. Click on the raccoon and then again and you will see the bird. Only one up but took about 100.

Grandma said...

Good morning Noah,
Glad to hear you're ready to try some new shapes in your macaroni. You'll find they all pretty much taste the same, they may feel different in your mouth, because of the shapes, but they will still all be good.
Love you.

Kindness said...

Change... that is always a huge ordeal for folks with autism... way to go Noah! Eating the split noodles is a huge success!