Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Noah:

A beautiful day again today. You have played a lot outside with the "girls" next door. If I can get some work done today extra......we might be able to get together with your cousin Audrey tomorrow so you two can play.

Lots to do here on my end. Always something. You HAVE been wiping your butt the last 4 days. YEAH on that. TWO of your loose teeth are almost out. YEAH on that!

otherwise......we are holding our own.

I love you


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Mom/Grandma said...

Sounds like the little fellow is progessing right along. Hope you can get what needs to be done today and this evening, so you can meet with Melissa and Audrey for a little while tomorrow. I think they would both love that, and if tomorrow is as nice as today, it would be a beautfiul day.

I brought home one of the blouses for Melissa to look at. They are so soft. Mom said if she likes it, she will also let her have the beige and the black ones, but she is going to keep the blue one for herself, just in case she needs something one day.

Angela, Gary and Alex were also there for the chicken dinner. They had it at the firehosue and they were a lot more organzied then when they have the one here. No long lines, chicken was all ready, being kept warm in coolers, they served half a chicken, a small bag of chips, a small roll with butter and a small container of applesauce for $6.00. I took Joe a piece of chicken thigh and half a buttered roll. Poor old fella, he looks like someone beats him. Didn't bark or anything.

In fact one of the carnival men was walking down the alley and I spoke, he spoke and went on past, then came back and said, that dog is a lot more friendly this year. I said, yes he does seem to be, he isn't mine, I'm visiting next door, but the poor old fella lives in a hell hole. He said, I know, last year, it was a muddy mess.

Well this year it isn't a muddy mess, but it still needs to be cleaned up. He has such a sad expression on his face, like he's saying take me away from here. And the fence has broken loose from the garage, so he could probably get out if he tried.

I don't know why some people have pets when they treat them like that.

Have a nice evening, love you both.