Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear have been pretty busy the past couple of days!

Well Friday was our big garage sale! You DID sell your bicycle and a game you had put out for the did very well the entire day but were very disappointed when cousin Audrey did not really seem all that interested in playing with you.



Your uncle Sonny and his grandson Wesley stopped by the sale and they mentioned they might go to the county fair that night. I have always wanted to take you the fair AT NIGHT at least once.....and the weather was GORGEOUS for a fair. Nice and cool......almost like fall. SO they called.....we went and met them over at the fairgrounds and walked around together. You played some Skeeball and putt putt with me. You then found the new GIANT SLIDE and decided you wanted to try that. The first time the lady let you go down it for free since we did not have a ticket. Then you loved it so much you wanted to go up and down it like 20 times so we bought you a wristband so you could ride all the rides as often as you wanted. You must have went up and down that slide at least 20 times! You had a ball! You also saw a booth where you throw darts to win a GIANT SONIC the Hedgehog!!


(This is how the slide was at our fair but this is NOT the slide as I did not take my camera)

We checked out the animals....and bought grandma C. some waffles and kettle korn. We headed home and it was almost 11:15 before we got there. It was a GREAT TIME!

Saturday morning I worked but then we stopped over that afternoon/early evening to see grandma C. and take her the kettle korn and waffles. UNCLE SONNY and his wife showed up and it was funny because we had just seen them the night before! He was hungry for ice cream and wanted to run to the store to get it. He asked you to ride along with him. While at the store he was trying to get you something you might like for a snack to take back....but you kept saying NO to all the choices and offers. Finally you walked away and came back and DID place an item into the cart....and patted it looking up at Sonny. He said he had to laugh because it was a 17.00 ATLAS! He asked if there was a CHEAPER one! said NO. BUT you did put it back.....(but we did stop on the way home and I let you buy it is a 2009 and you made money at the garage sale).

SUNDAY morning we decided to go BACK to the FAIR and see all the booths and animal exhibits....and nothing we did. Since I have a pass now all I have to do is wave it to the men at the front and we can keep on going. We had another great time checking out all the animals and booths.

We then came home for a break after hitting up Wal*Mart for your cookies you like. THEN we headed to INDIANA .....



to go to CiCi's Pizza since you discovered Richmond, IN has one and you love their pizza. You ate FIVE pieces of pizza!

THEN off to WEBB's ANTIQUE mall and WARM GLOW CANDLE shop to check out some things. Back in Ohio we stopped at Kroger's to do our shopping and then home.


Warm Glow Candle store

Warm Glow Candle now has a CAFE inside it too....where they sell sandwiches and coffees and teas and ice cream. VERY cool!


You fell off your chair in your room once yesterday and then off the bed last night again....and you really banged yourself up the last time....squatting on the footboard facing the bed and fell backwards. Man did you cry! I put cold compresses all over the banged up areas...and this morning they look much better!

Today, MONDAY we will be heading to the fair again. Your Aunt Melissa and cousin Audrey will be coming over and she is bringing a friend. You are very excited about that!

THIS SATURDAY your father is coming in to visit for a few days so you are super excited about that. AND then TUESDAY you will be heading back to school already!!!!!!! Can you believe that????

This post was long....and sorta makes one tired probably reading it. BUT I am determined to cram as many fun things in your last few days of summertime as I can!

I love you the moon and back again and again and again.......forever I will!

And Noah...I thought it was so sweet that during the garage sale you saw a yellow Pokeman stuffed character for sale and you grabbed it thinking your school classmate McKenzie would like sweet and thoughtful that get something you know she would like to give to her this year. I do hope and pray she is in your class because you like her a lot and you both have so much in common!




Old Lady Lincoln said...

Wowie, wow, wow, what a busy time you've been having. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun to. Glad you and Mommy are able to cram so much into your last few days before school starts again. Also happy your Daddy is coming for a visit. Have fun. Love you to the moon and back.

kristi said...

Sounds like loads of fun!

Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh Noah... how exciting to hear your Daddy is coming to visit you. I'll bet you are so excited to show him all your sonic friends and your new Atlas.

Love ya!

Brandy said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know how inspiring your blog is. I nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog when you have a second.

Osh said...

You won Sonic the Hedgehog?!!!!!

Melinda said...

no no....he did not win the Sonic....he saw where you could play to win one....