Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dear Noah.......FLUSHING BOY.......

Friday afternoon we went to see grandma C. because your grandma L and aunt Becky were also there for a visit. While there you suddenly announced to Aunt Becky and myself that when you became an adult you would be known as "THE FLUSHING BOY!" Your plans are to drive and stop at rest areas and FLUSH the toilets. We then talked about if you could DO that all the time as an adult...or HOW one might be able to get away with doing that all the time and not get into trouble. Your aunt Becky suggested you could be a janitor.....because then you could clean the toilets and flush them all you wanted!

SO you of course were like "YEAH YEAH YEAH ...that is what I will do.....I can be a SUBSTITUTE janitor and just fill in every once in awhile!" I think that might be a good solution to your problem of getting away with flushing toilets a lot in public.

I know you want to do much more than just being a janitor all the time......but it was cute to hear you calling yourself the FLUSHING BOY.


Also during our visit today.....any time you heard a little cuss word slip out you came running to tell uncle Mike said "hell" and you came over to me and whispered....."he just said hell!"......then when your grandma C. said "son of a gun!" you came to me and said "grandma just said son of a gun!".....same for when grandma L. let "shit" slip out.....and "sucks" announced then that probably someone was going to say the F-word next! I said let's HOPE NOT! NO one did and that was the end of the cussing.

You were also very concerned when you saw my uncle Mike light up a cigarette and start smoking. You said "Mommy Mike is chewing tobacco!" I explained to you that he was SMOKING a cigarette and not really chewing tobacco. You said "oh but he shouldn't be doing can cause pneumonia!" Over and over you kept repeating it to were very worried. You said that you saw it on the side of a cigarette pack...on a show you and grandpa L had watched the other night when we stopped there for a visit. That the surgeon general says it is bad for you and the package says all the things it can cause and all the bad things in the cigarettes.

You really retained a lot and it has made you VERY aware of the dangers of smoking and what can happen....including lung cancer. The fact that you have had pneumonia and remember how bad you felt.....also helps make the dangers of this all so very real. I am THANKFUL you watched the show and LEARNED and RETAINED all those facts about smoking and this is one case too where I am so thankful you are SUPER SENSITIVE to the smell of cigarette smoke and cannot stand it. I am pretty certain you will avoid that bad habit in your lifetime!

We had a great day. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! VERY early fall-like..nice...not very hot and no humidity! You also enjoyed checking out the cats at grandma's house. We took along Opie and he visited with Tom and then Tom's girlfriend cat and 2 of her kittens came over...they nursed while was all so sweet....

but grandma C. is not too thrilled....

And I love you my little flushing boy!



Melissa said...

The Flushing Boy, now that's cute!

I bet Grandma isn't thrilled at all with those kittens!

Maddy said...

How come grandma wasn't too thrilled?

Glad to see that Noah's concerns run the gamut, good carers and sharers all round.

Love the kitties.

Do you have a plumbing converter kit handy? We are allergic to flushing. Still, maybe we're saying the planet or maybe just the water table.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

The Flushing Boy, LOL, I doubt he will want that name by the time he's 20. Yes the kittens are cute, but Mom worries, since they aren't hers, that some neighbor will complain about so many cats in the neighborhood. The people that own those cats should do what she said she was going to do and take them to her Father's farm and if she's keeping any, should have them fixed so they won't be having more.

Melinda said...

Melissa: Yep...she was not!

Maddy: Grandma does not want a bunch of cats hanging around her house.

Mom: Grandma worries about so much...I would think at her age and time in life she could care less what anyone else thinks. BUT...I DO understand her not wanting all those cats hanging around....and the neighbors SHOULD do what they say but they are all so IRRESPONSIBLE! You see how poor Joe gets neglected....and then across the street the cat situation is totally out of hand. I took one cat home...Opie. I paid to get Tom fixed and vaccinated....but the problem never ends. There are more males and females over there needing neutered and spayed. The neighbors should get them fixed and take care of them or find them good homes..something. I doubt anything will ever be done to change it unless I myself or someone else does something. If I lived on a farm I would just bring them all here. I am tempted to bring them all here anyway.....but they would have to stay outside.

Of course even if I fixed them all...other cats showing up would have to be relocated or fixed would get totally out of hand. I have been there and done that all before!

Osh said...

Again I am amazed at the similarities between our sons! Evan was a flusher as well! Every store we went into he had to use the bathrooms and go down the line and flush...his favorite was Sam's Club...

Your stories of Noah bring so many memories back to me! Thank you!

And I love the kitty pictures!

drama mama said...

That is a super-cute name. Cute kitties!

Wanda said...

That's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Maybe he can get on TV's "Dirty Jobs"

That was really a cute post. I love it.

The kitten pictures are wonderful.