Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Noah........a busy Monday!

Today you had a dentist appointment at Children's Medical Center. I told you we would leave early so I could take you to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. You were excited about that.

This morning you woke up super early however....3:30 a.m. (I was asleep on the sofa getting ready to get up to do some makeup work for Friday) and I asked you what was wrong. You said you had a bad dream. You then proceeded to tell me about some BAD MEN who tried to break in and a security system we had in our house and the bad men broke your security......on and on the details poured out. You were too afraid to go back in your room to wanted to go into mine. BUT I was not even in my room and I was getting up for the day. SO I asked if you would like to lie down on the sofa and you said yes. You slept very well once there.

SO we get up and leave and have a nice breakfast. BUT as usual afterwards on our way to the dentist clinic in the hospital even with my GPS we got turned around because of detours and such. EVERY time we go down there this happens....After hearing the voice on the GPS say "recalculating" like a million times as we turned down yet another incorrect street.....I could have yanked the thing off the windshield and tossed it.....and I was so upset but trying NOT to get too upset especially in front of you as that only makes you more upset. SO I leave the GPS on in the background and call the hospital. Your appointment is now like 5 minutes away and they do not allow you to be late. SO here I am in some parking lot in downtown Dayton area.....and spewing out my frustrations at the ladies in the dentist clinic who actually found my dilemma quite hilarious.....and I suppose it was. BUT I explained to them I am so tired of this matter what time my appointment is......there are always so many construction issues and detours we never get there on time......and they asked where I was......I said I had no clue.... Since I was raising my voice and getting frustrated YOU got very upset and started crying....then holding your crotch afraid you would not get to a bathroom in time as you really had to pee you said.....sigh....

....then they heard my GPS in the knew where I was......and then as the GPS directed me they reassured me that was the way to go....and I would not get into trouble for being late if I was but they said I was right around the corner.....and yes I was. We arrived still ON TIME....I was amazed. They were laughing the entire way.......and I am thankful they just did not hang up on me!

We got have GREAT teeth...NO cavities again.......but you have HUGE issues with the stuff the need to do in your mouth. You cannot handle the squirting in and sucking out of the water. You kept asking for a STANDARD cup to rinse and spit but they said they do not do it that way there. You started to cry.....even though I was back there with you. SO they said they would wet these little gauze pads and wipe your teeth and then give you some water to swallow. That worked well and you calmed back down.

We got the teeth cleaned......the dentist said to wait a little longer to even begin to think about getting braces or some type of device to straighten your front teeth. He said the outcome would be the same whether we do it now or later when hopefully you could handle it better. So we will wait. UNLESS it bothers you in school and/or someone starts making fun of you.

After the dentist you played in the play area at the hospital for awhile. Then off to Cox Arboretum to the Butterfly House. We saw some amazing butterflies.

Then I took you to Fazoli's for lunch......and then home! On the way home we passed an ELK I had to turn around and snap a few of those magnificent creatures!

Then turned toward home again........when not too far down the road a deer ran right out in front of our truck when we were going at least 55 MPH with another truck coming towards us.......I could not believe this...and tapped the brakes just hard enough to slow down just enough to miss it!! I could not swerve toward the ditch as it was going that way.....and I could not swerve the other direction as the truck on the other side of the road was right there.

I thank GOD literally we made it safely through that and the deer did too! TALK about close!

HOME now....I have since mowed the grass and to work more makeup hours for Friday...the day of our big garage sale and other stuff!

I LOVE did great today! I will post some pics tomorrow of the butterfly house and the ELK!

AND DON'T get me wrong. I am THANKFUL for my is one of the best investments I have ever just cannot seem to tell me how to easily get to Children's Medical Center if I take the highway....or maybe it does....but I can't seem to follow her directions clearly :(



Anonymous said...

Wow. A nightmare or it seemed to be. I can imagine the frustration. It was also kind of funny but I know it wasn't.

Sounds like your teeth are better than grandpa's Noah. Glad they are. Then you don't have to do much to them except keep them clean.

It was a close call coming home. Did you see the deer, Noah?

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Wow, Noah, what a Monday. I'm like you, I don 't like all of that water in my mouth and then them telling me to close my mouth around that little sucking tube thing, too much water and I gag. I also like the old way, of drinking from a cup and spitting into the little bowl they use to have by the chair.

Sounds like you and Mommy had quite a day. I hope the weather continues to be nice like it has been for the garage sell on Friday and I hope you have a lot of people show up and buy everything so you won't have to drag it to Goodwill after the sale.

Hope you sleep better tonight. Tell Mommy yes, don't worry about your teeth, I know two women who had braces put on their teeth when they were in their 30's.

Have a good night. Love you to the moon and back. Glad you and Mommy made it home safely.