Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Noah....JUST DO IT!!

When you have to go POOP I wish you would just STOP whatever it is you are doing.....and "JUST DO IT" as the Nike commercial tells us all!

You have developed a new trend. I know this is a phase and I hope and pray it will be short-lived. So far it has been going on now for at least a month or longer.

You get busy in the day...playing your computer games or whatever. You get the urge to poop...but instead of taking the time to go right try to HOLD IT. THEN because you try to hold it....and are squeezing your tiny butt together so actually have something trapped up inside there that needs wiped off.......but instead of even taking time to do instead just take all your pants off....and sit naked with your butt cheeks squeezed and held tightly together.

NINE times out of TEN when I go to your room to ask you something.....get something...etc......I find you there with your shirt on but your pants around your knees or ankles or off entirely and tossed aside on the floor. I guess you are afraid you will soil your rather than do remove the clothing closest to the source of soiling.

WHENEVER I see you like this.....I tell you to STOP and go wipe your butt and get your clothes back on. You say OKAY.....but it makes no difference how often I tell still do the same thing again the next time you get the urge to poop, like usually within the hour....because you really need to go pass something!

Now thankfully you still go often enough to keep things moving in any given day.......but meanwhile you have probably least 10 episodes or more each day where you "feel" you need to WIPE your butt......but not enough to go sit on the toilet and pass anything.....sometimes you just feel your butt needs wiped.....but there isn't anything there at all.

This is reminiscent of the not too distant past when you would call on me to come wipe your butt all the time.....after a bowel movement or just any time the urge struck and you felt your butt needed wiped. I always wondered WHY you had a little residue left all the time on your butt. NOW I try to HOLD is not because everything will not won't allow it all to come out!

I have told you this will make your butt sore....which it has in the past.....the importance of GOING to the bathroom when you have to go.....especially when the toilet is within your eyesight. I mean it is not like you HAVE to hold it for any reason. Our toilet is right there.

I know this will be yet another learning curve for you in this BIG journey of toilet training issues you have had in your life......and I know it will take countless repetitions of me reminding you to GO TO THE BATHROOM.......and to not stay clean....and to keep your pants on.

I can only hope you pick up on this sooner than later. I know in the past it has taken YEARS for you to acquire and accomplish the next level of toilet training issues you have faced.

When I call you for dinner I will hear you say "Okay but I have to go wipe my butt first!"
When I go to take you some will have to go wipe your butt first.
Before bed.....I find you sitting with no pants on needing to go wipe your butt.

Over and over again many times throughout the day this little scenario plays out.

I have reminded you that while in school or around other people or in public.....etc.....ANYwhere but home (and even that we need to curb) CANNOT BE WITHOUT YOUR PANTS ON YOUR BODY.....

I did notice at the dentist on Monday while she was cleaning your teeth you had your hand stuck down in your shorts.....because the dental hygienist saw it and pulled your hand out of your pants and teasingly to "get your hand out of there!" You just smiled big. had a good day today I think. Getting you out of your room to do anything with me lately is work. I don't know why.....but you don't seem too overly interested in spending a lot of time with me.

I love you......tomorrow I may count how many times you do the wiping of your butt. Of course if I plan on counting it.....this means you will probably not do it much at all!

I love you Noah!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, that is something you will have to work on before school starts, since you won't be able to do that while at school, take off your clothes that is. You'll be able to use the toliet.

But if you are sitting bare butt on your computer chair you may soil it and that will be harder to clean then your underwear.

So just take the time to get that out before it happens and remember you can still pass a little gas without soiling your underwear, unless you have loose bowels that day. Keep trying.

Love you to the moon and back.

Melinda said...

well he will usually stand or sit on his ball....not the chair. HE DID have a mishap on the ball and we had to clean it with Clorox..etc......

Melinda said...

I KNOW he won't do this at school because he does know he can only do certain things here and NO WHERE ELSE! BUT.....he does sometimes forget and put his hands in his pants even in public......

Drama Mama said...

How frustrating for you, Melinda. I hope things flow smoothly very soon -