Monday, August 04, 2008

Dear Noah.......Jesus painting from grandma C.

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She gave us a painting of Jesus with children some time back and then grandma and grandpa L. were going to toss the frame into the trash......we hauled it home.....and voila! The painting fits nicely into the frame and looks like it was made for it!

You wanted it close to your room but not actually in your room so we hung it outside your door in the hallway....

We are getting stuff ready for a garage sale on the 15th......I took you to hear the siren being tested today at the National Guard......then to see grandma C. and grandma and grandpa L later. On the way to hear the siren being tested at noon you came out wearing old stereo headphones on your ears....saying that they should protect your ears from the sound. NO prompting or suggestions on my thought of that idea all by yourself and it was brilliant!

We had a busy day and I love you!



Wanda said...

I have always loved that redition of Jesus and the children.

We had one in our old church.

Jack and Joann said...

That painting is really enhanced by that frame. Though there is no green in the painting it is the perfect shade of green for the colors in the painting. And Noah, I think that green frame symbolizes Christian hope.
You have a great summer day. :)

Melissa said...

What a neat painting Noah! I can't wait to see it when we come over again. Glad to hear that you guys are getting stuff ready for the garage sale! Love you both

Anonymous said...

The picture looks even better larger than it did on your camera, smaller. It works for me. I think you will learn to love the painting, Noah.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I bet you slept good last night, being so busy all day and part of the evening.

It was nice seeing you, Mommy and Grandma C.

We really had a storm here this morning, there was one loud boom that made me almost jump out of my chair. We found out, it hit a neighbors tree and split it.

Have a good day. Love you to the moon and back.

izzgoo said...

The little boy has a bit of a look of Noah about him was this intentional ?

Melinda said...

thanks everyone for the visits and comments!

Wanda: I have always liked it too!

Jack and Joann: I like that idea about green symbolizing Christian HOPE!

Melissa: Sale date is almost here!

Mom and dad: Enjoyed the visit too!

Izzgoo: I never really noticed that till you pointed it out. I am not sure who was the it was not painted after Noah...but you are does resemble him a bit from the side!