Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear Noah......school is coming up!

Today I decided we better bust butt and do some reviewing and additional learning before school starts again on the 26th of August. We had a great day today in homeschooling reviewing math (addition, subtraction and multiplication), practicing your writing skills to strengthen your hand muscles again and learning new spelling words. We also worked on a story and comprehension. For the first day of a vigorous review you did very well, sat very well and were very excited about the whole process.

I am hopeful this year will be another success for you in school....I know you are looking forward to it!

Where has the summer gone??

It stormed a lot last night and today. Looks like it will rain again. I am thankful for the rain as it has been so dry outside. Mr. Hawk has been spending time in our backyard trying to get himself some lunch or dinner. I tried to capture his photo today but he was too fast or hidden in the leaves in the trees. Maybe another day. Of course when he was in plain view on the fence and I did not see him in time to grab my camera....I missed that opportunity. He was HUGE though.

I love you Noah! It is really incredible to me to see how far you have come over the past few years.



Wanda said...

Oh, my are those fireflies?? or Lighting bugs ~~~ What ever they are I love the photo.

School is coming for my grandchildren too. Hope you have a lot of fun getting ready.

LOL:) Wanda

Osh said...

the summer goes by so fast...what grade will Noah be in?

Melinda said...

Wanda those are fireflies!

Noah will be in 4th grade already!

Osh said...

4th grade! WOW!

He is such a beautiful boy.

Melinda said...

thank you!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, hard to believe school will soon be starting. It seems this summer has gone really, really fast. Before we know it, it will be Halloween, then Christmas, then Easter and then Summer again. Love you to the moon and back. Grandma