Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Noah......Fair Fun.....



You had a blast on day #3 at the fair this year with your cousin and a friend.  You saw THREE of your classmates at the fair and one of your former teachers.  You were so excited about all of that!  We saw some animals again and you got to race down the giant slide and ride the merry-go-round .....and play putt putt golf.....and LOTS and LOTS of Skeeball.......but you did not win anything.  Here you are looking so sad about that...and tired.

Fair 2008 035

Here you are thinking and watching the girls ride the bumper cars...

Fair 2008 068

You had a good time....and seemed a lot more subdued than normal.  I think you were tired too.....and you seemed very reflective throughout the day.  Maybe I am weird but I like these reflective shots of you...and often wonder what you are thinking.  Like the shot above....I see your face and your hands....and take notice that your hands still look so much like they did when you were very very small...maybe 2-3 years old....the little dimples/indentations are still there where the knuckles will one day be....and you just seem so little and small and childlike.  I imagine I will always see my little boy when I see such photos as the one above......when certain things will stand out and still look like when you were a toddler......at least to me.  I still see this little guy there....even though you are definitely growing up. 


Like this picture of you when you were in kindergarten.   If you look closely on the top of your head in this shot you can see the giant bald spot where you used to pull your hair out....it got so bad the entire top of your hair was all gone except for little stubs...and you looked like a monk.  You would sit and twirl and twirl your hair until it got knots in it.....and then you would rip it all out.  But check out that cute little smile...and face...and hands....I still see this in you even now.

I think I always will to some degree.  Guess that is just a "mommy/parent" thing.

I am glad you handled the fair and noises and all the stimuli so well.  In the past there would have been NO WAY I could have taken you to anything like a fair.

I love you bunches Noah!





Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad everyone had a nice time and got along so well together. I bet everyone was really tired by bedtime last night. Yes I think sometimes us Mommy's see these things more than Daddy's do, and it doesn't matter how old the child is, there are times for just an instant the small child image pops out and reminds us of when they were small.

Seeking Simplicity said...

I noticed how little he seemed looking through the fence and I wondered what the was thinking too. And yes, I thought he looked sad in the other picture. I didn't know if it was because Audrey had brought along a friend, or if he was just tired. I bet he's excited about seeing Keith this weekend.

Love ya.

Melinda said...

he was sad he did not win at Skeeball and he was tired. He loved having Audrey and a friend there too....he liked her too

Melissa said...

Yeah, I saw him standing there watching the girls at the bumper cars and had to take that picture. Right after I took that I smiled at him and he got the cutest little smile on his face. He really is a sweetie.

Wanda said...

Been away a while, but didn't forget to have you in my thoughts and prayers, Noah!!

Love the pictures of you at the fair...You are one handsome young man!!! Do the girls chase you???


Osh said...

Noah! You look like you had such a great time! I have been missing you! I changed my blog around and a bunch of my links kept disappearing and yours was one of them...I'm so glad I have you back!

Anonymous said...

It does look like the fair was a big event for you Noah. You are looking good.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see everyone had a fun time.