Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear will be the end of your first week in school......

And you have done very well.  You are enjoying it and have much better ethics this year when it comes to getting ready for school and being ready to leave on time without much if any prompting on my are finally do things on your own that  you know you have to do without my asking you order to be ready to go to school.   That is impressive to me.......

Here are a couple of photos of you your father took while you two were together.



IMG_0517 love looking at toilets at Lowes.......along with all their appliances......washers.....dryers.......refrigerators......ovens......etc.  So your dad and you took a trip to Lowes over the weekend while he was here to check things out.

Otherwise......we are heading into a 3-day weekend already.....can you believe September is next week??

I love you Noah!





Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah,
So happy and glad your first week has gone well.

Also very happy you had a few days to spend with your Daddy. That had to be a nice time for both of you, plus Mommy got a day or so by herself.

Hope you have a nice three day week-end. We're not planning on doing anything. It would be nice if we got a little rain tonight or tomorrow, we sure need it.

Love you to the moon and back,
Grandma and Grandpa

Wanda said...

Hey those are cool picture of you with Ronald MacDonald, and wow, one with a toilet at Lowes...They do have a lot of neat stuff in that store..

Glad you had a good first week...hopefully the rest of the year will be a piece of cake.

Love and Hugs