Friday, April 13, 2007

Noah finally lost one of his top front baby teeth!

Yes! One of those old baby teeth that have been ready to come out for at least a year! The one that looked like it was not loose at all! He was listening to this clip of songs below from the Jingle Cats and was laughing so hard....when he went to suck in a deep breath he apparently sucked the tooth right out of his mouth to the back of his throat and he swallowed it!

To Listen To Jingle Cats Click Here

AND on top of everything else....he came to me yesterday saying he smelled FIRE in his bedroom. When I checked it out I did indeed smell something HOT.......and realized his PC must finally be burning up inside. SO......about 10 minutes later it did.

I am in the process of trying to replace his PC. A good used one is fine for him....and one with Windows XP was what I preferred. I think I finally found one that will serve his needs. I am sure he is going through computer withdrawal. He just came to me and said "his heart was broken that he did not have a computer to play on" and asked me many days it would be before he had a computer to play on. I hope this one arrives soon and it will run well and do all he needs it to do!

I love you Noah!

mommy :X


Anonymous said...

That must be some kind of record. Sucking a tooth out. Almost funny. I am glad it is gone. Now then I hope he doesn't want to look for it. That might be a way to encourage a complete wipe though. If you use the right words.He might get some money for the tooth from the tooth fairy.

laughingwolf said...

congratulations on getting the tooth out, noah, if in a bit of a weird way

sorry your computer quit, but i'm sure the one your mom ordered will be better than the old one

yes, it will be there, soon

Grandma said...

Oh my goodness, I hope the rest of those baby teeth come out that easy, but I hope you don't swallow them. Did the tooth fairy leave you something anyway?

Also hope you computer arrives soon. It must be hard not having one the way you like to look up things and watch train videos.

Have a great day. Audrey will be coming to visit while her Mommy and Aunt Angela go to a craft class. I also found out Mack is coming to visit while Aunt Becky and Aunt Margaret go pick up their hand made clock up around Columbus (I believe) in Amish country.

Love you, Grandma

Melissa said...

Yay to Noah for losing you tooth! I bet it feels better doesn't it?

mcewen said...

Lummy! a close one. [the computer] As for the tooth, my youngest has the new one emerging behind the old one - looks like a double tooth - ugh! He won't let us near it though.
Hope you find a replacement computer for those gorgeous eyes.

Kindness said...

Awwww. Hope Noah's computer arrives real soon. :)