Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Noah..........Buddruckers

We used to frequent a restaurant in Colorado called Fuddruckers. You always got the chicken strips and fries served in a basket such as this:

So yesterday I served you some chicken and fries in our plastic baskets like the one above as I have some.....different colors. The first thing you said was "wow...this is just like the baskets they use at Fuddruckers!"

Last night before heading out to the store you saw the basket on the kitchen counter and began talking about. Then out of the blue you came up to me and said "In the year 2027 Fuddruckers will change their name, changing the "F" to a "B" and it will be called Buddfuckers!" I looked at you funny I guess and you said "No I mean it will be called Buddruckers!"

You laughed and laughed. I was thrilled you changed the FUCKERS to RUCKERS. However, a few minutes later and throughout the kept saying BuddFUCKERS and giggling....saying it sounded funny! This meant I had to try to explain why we try NOT to use the word FUCK or versions thereof.....especially bursting out with it in public! That is all I would walking into the store and yelling loudly "Buddfuckers!" which when YOU SAY it sounds like BUTTFUCKERS! Your "D" sounds like a "T" sometimes.

It was rather amusing. I am hopeful today you will magically have forgotten all about it. Magic I hope......NO recall of the conversation. I think too I best hide the baskets for awhile and serve you your food on a plate!

I love you anyway.......always will.

Mommy :X


K.C.'s Blog said...

Noah is so adorable! I probably shouldn't laugh but this post gave me the giggles!!! So funny!!!

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

oh laugh away! It was all I could do not to giggle along with him in the truck on the way to the store as he was shouting out BUTTFUCKERS and laughing himself! I was just glad he did it ONLY in the truck and not inside Krogers!

Kindness said...

I am glad I finally am getting around to reading my favorite blogs again! I would have been sorry to miss this one... too funny Noah! :)

Grandma said...

Just to funny, out of the mouth of babes. To be that young and innocent again huh?
Love you both.

Keith said...

Oh my! Yes He is so innocent. Melinda you are doing a wonderful job with our little man. I know how hard it would be not to actually break-out in an out right laugh. Knowing that he has speech concerns it is no wonder that there are confusions...but it also shows his awareness now of how words are formed and the sounds they make. Hang in there, for he is a joy...


PAH said...

I'll never be able to walk into that restaurant again without thinking of Noah and giggling!! Noah - you sure do make the world a brighter place. Thanks.