Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dear Noah:

You seem to be better today. You only puked 3 times yesterday and I think that was because of all the mucus from your nose...sinus drainage. After getting that and some bile have been better. I inflated the extra queen size air bed we had and let you sleep on the floor on that in the living room. I slept on the sofa. The bucket was right beside you all night. You are great now at hitting the bucket...wanting to be left alone while puking even. NO talking and NO mean business. You shoved your little head clear down into that bucket too so the vomit would not splatter all over. Even I was impressed!

SO....puked 3 times. We rubbed Vicks on your chest and throat to keep your nose open....and today you woke up and seem much much better. I don't hear all the sinus crap clear up in your nose like before. I honestly think some of your symptoms were from allergies...and us being out in the air/wind the other day set it off.

NOW you want Burger King for I may just have to drive down there and get it for you. You look so skinny!

I need to think about mowing the yard. It is filled with dandelions and is getting pretty high. I will have to wear a mask myself when I mow or I will have sinus issues. I forgot what it was like being in Ohio during spring and all the allergens!

I love you.....hope you continue to get better as the day goes on!

Mommy XOX

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