Friday, April 27, 2007

Dear Noah:

Keeping clothes on you lately has been difficult at best! I am not sure....but I think it is a sensory issue. You like the FEEL of NO clothes...and rolling on your bedding naked. You do understand you are not allowed to do this when anyone else is in the house or company is over. You do understand you do not do this elsewhere...and your door to your room here at home needs to be shut (though you did walk around me yesterday a couple of times - which I know we are used to things like that but still). far today you have kept some pants shirt but pants.

You have discovered Nicktropolis......

Nickelodeon has announced the launch of Nicktropolis, a virtual web community for kids. Cyma Zarghami, President, Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group, calls Nicktropolis a "a one-of-a-kind multimedia virtual entertainment playground for kids that allows them to watch video from our immense library of programming, play games, interact with our characters and safely communicate with each other through controlled chat."

Kids enter Nicktropolis by assuming an "avatar" that they design and personalize, choosing from an array of hairstyles, skin tones and clothing styles. Once a user selects a destination, the avatar appears in the particular environment and can move around simply by clicking where he/she wants to go. The site offers a 3D environment consisting of four main areas containing:
# Nickname Lane: This is where kids can design their own space.
# Nicktoon Boulevard: Rooms based on Nickelodeon's properties. SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom is one of the rooms currently in Nicktropolis.
# Downtown Nicktropolis: non-branded virtual rooms like a park, rec-center, lounge and commerce area
# The Pier: a gaming environment

Nickelodeon has included security features with Nicktropolis including a sanitized dictionary and allowing parents the option to control their child's settings. The BBC is also planning a virtual world for kids.

You are SO INTO all the Nickelodeon cartoons now that you absolutely LOVE this. Last night when going to bed you said "I can't wait till tomorrow!" (because you could not wait to get back online to Nicktropolis! I guess you even got to talk to Spongebob and someone else on one of those cartoons...which totally thrilled you.

Anyway......mommy loves you so much!


Anonymous said...

Hey great game. I never heard of this new one. And Noah knows it already. Amazing. I wonder how this will impact his love of trains, tracks and crossing lights and bells?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Daddy said...

Well my little man, That explains a lot as to why you haven't been on-line lately to talk and cam. This seems like a greta interactive activity. one in which I know you will enjoy.

Love you dearly,