Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear Noah: sore throat still

Well you are not feeling well at all. You say your throat hurts and it must. You won't eat anything but Popsicles AND you only take sips of water or juice. You cry just thinking you might need to go see a doctor. You lie around and catnap and do nothing. No sounds. No talking. No anything. Only occasional low whispers....but mostly sign language. You complain your head also hurts. Your temp is only 1 degree above normal so that is good. I have tried looking down your throat but cannot see inflamed tonsils or throat. BUT I also cannot get you to open it up too wide to see much.

SO today we are treating your symptoms. I AM HOPING tomorrow you will feel much better and this is just sinus/allergy related from the windy days when we were outside. If not we may have to go see the doctor sooner than we wanted to.

I SURELY HOPE you feel better tomorrow. It is very odd having you sick. You just never really are. AND for you to be this inactive and this mind blowing. NOTHING like you at all. I find myself walking around here totally out of sorts as it is nothing like what I have grown accustomed to with you over the years.

mommy loves you ;X


laughingwolf said...

i know your mom is doing the best she can, trying to ease you pain and discomfort

for your speedy recovery, i send prayers, and all the positive energies i can muster... like i told your mom earlier

Grandma said...

Hope it feels better soon. Love you little man, listen to what Mommy says and it will make your throat feel better. Hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Well, Noah, this kind of weather makes my throat sore sometimes. I hope it feels better today or now.

I was thinking about Puppy dog this morning and dug out the couple of pictures for the post. Since then I have found others but these worked. She was special. And I still miss her but not so much as before and not so much as I still miss Autumn Eve.

Thanks for coming by.

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