Wednesday, April 18, 2007

geesh..Noah never gets sick and he is sick again!

The entire time in Colorado Noah basically never got sick. Maybe twice......three times max in his lifetime. He had done pretty well here in Ohio so far till a couple weeks ago when he got the sore throat and fever and was treated for strep throat. He saw a doctor on Monday as part of a well-child visit to establish patient care. Of course this means he could have picked up someone else's germs while there.

Well today he is not feeling well. He complained about his throat again.....and seems to have a lot of sinus drainage. That can make a really bad sore throat. AND now he is puking ........mostly just the juice he had earlier in the day and the one Popsicle he ate. Otherwise he has had nothing and wants nothing. I am hoping it is not a gastrointestinal thing he has picked up. He is really good about hitting the bucket now or toilet which is a blessing. He also does not like much help when he is puking and definitely NO talking.

Of course the initial blast he splattered here and there on his way to the toilet. YES....I am going to be purchasing another one of those smaller Bissel carpet cleaners. I am thankful he had no food in his stomach. He is only vomiting orange juice and green popsicle and now bile. buckets......and I am out of dish soap!


Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! I hope you get to feeling better soon. We love you...

Daddy said...

Oh my poor liitle man. That will explain why you were not on today. I now that it's horible to be sicj, especially with a stomach virus. One thing I do doesn't last too long and you will be back to normal before you know it. Love you bunches.


laughingwolf said...

this is not good, noah :(

this may prove what your mom suspects, and others have said: a lot of illnesses are picked up in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices

hope you are better soon, wee guy