Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday 2007

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Noah and I stopped by to pick up grandma C. to take her to my mom and dad's for dinner. Everyone was there minus my brother in Florida. We had way too much food but everything was excellent as usual. The kids had fun doing an Easter egg hunt INDOORS as it was snowing and very cold outside. They also had fun playing inside. A lot has changed between me and my family in the past 2 years......and I feel very blessed.


laughingwolf said...

excellent all round, then

snow starting to melt? not here :(

Daddy said...

Noah, I am glad that you and you mom had a nice time at Grandma and Grandpa Lincolns. I know that you really enjoyed your Easter and and for that I am glad. You had your favorite foods (Chicken and fries) and that is great!. Enjoy your camera and the special things the Easter Bunny brought. HEE HEE ;)

Love you greatly, Daddy

Grandma said...

Dear Little Noah, so glad you had a nice time on Easter. Hope you weren't too worn out when you got home. Cousin Audrey is now getting the chicken pox. Hope you don't, if you do it probably won't happen for seven to fourteen days after you were around her. But if you do catch them, hoepfully it will be a mild case and then once they are over and gone you won't have to worry about getting them again. Love you bushels and bushels. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Well, the Chicken Pox bunny didn't visit Audrey after all. She is blessed. I still think it is chicken pox and so does grandma Lincoln. Have you had a shot for them yet? You might need one.

nq said...

sounds like a great easter!
snowed here, too!
glad you didn't get sick!