Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear Noah: your throat hurts

today you came to me...just now....saying your lower throat area hurt. That it just started today. You pointed to your voicebox or Adam's apple.

I checked your throat which looked fine. I know sometimes after being outside however (and we were over the weekend as well as yesterday and today) that our sinuses can act up and make our throats feel weird.

You almost cried. Then came out to the kitchen later and said something like you thought your throat hurt because maybe your voice was changing. I am not sure where you got that but I did tell you that sometimes that happens, especially with boys. As you get older your voice will change and even that little Adam's apple will get larger.

SO you could very well be correct in your smart assumption....though I would tend to think 8 years of age is a little young for that to start. BUT I have already noticed facial hair on your upper lip! SO who knows.

anyway.....let's hope it is nothing more than that.

i love you

mommy :X

UPDATE: You have been crying...saying your throat is sore. You are afraid you are sick and will have to go to the doctor. I am hoping and praying you are fine and it is nothing more than weird gland stuff that happens to us both sometimes when outside on a windy day. I have given you some Motrin Cold...and rubbed some Vicks on your neck. Hopefully tomorrow you will be much better. Taking you to the doctor can be so traumatic. I am hopeful it is possible other than check ups you won't need anything done ever.....till maybe you are an adult and hopefully better able to handle it. Do you think that is possible? Yeah...probably not likely. So....we need to work on having you learn to handle going to the doctor and dentist now....

we have our work cut out for us - - with your generalized anxiety disorder you worry to the extreme sometimes about everything.


Grandma said...

Hope you get to feeling better. There has been an awfully lot of pollen and stuff in the air. Sleep well tonight, Gramda is getting ready for bed. Love you

laughingwolf said...

get well soon, noah

wee guys should not have to worry about things like that :(