Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dear Noah: Ludlow Falls and sunset

Well we took cousin Audrey back home today but on the way back we stopped at Ludlow Falls to check them out and snap a few shots. It was SUPER windy!

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On the way back home we caught a gorgeous ON-FIRE sunset! It looked like the sky was on fire!

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Finally back home you came in and looked all around and came back out crying...saying you wished Audrey was still wanted another sleepover.

In your room just now you picked up a picture frame with her picture in it and said with a puckered lower lip...."I sure wish Audrey was still here for another sleepover...I want Audrey to come back for another sleepover."

I felt bad. You then proceeded to tell me that EVERY Saturday night when she is free should be a sleepover night!

We had a really good time this weekend with cousin Audrey. We will definitely be doing it again! I have a few things planned for them. I want to take her to the drive-in this summer. She has never been to one before and I told her everyone has to go at least once in a lifetime! I also said something about going camping......with her mommy and me and Noah....whoever else wants to go. Would be a blast! The kids would love sitting around the campfire. I have some mini trip ideas we could go on.

I am sure the kids will sleep well tonight. Last night Noah (even though he was happy someone was sharing his bed finally besides his teddies)......he had a difficult time sleeping. At 11:30 he was still not asleep calling for me saying Audrey was squishing him and he could not sleep. So he crawled back to his side of the bed. Then at 2:30 a.m. here he came with his CAMERA already ON....saying he was HUNGRY......needed a midnight snack! I proceeded to tell him it was 2:30 a.m. NOT midnight. He had one cookie and a few sips of milk. Back to bed he went.

Then about 3:00 a.m. or so he called for me again and said Audrey's leg was in the way and he could not even get into his side of the bed properly. I went in and sure enough she had turned completely sideways on the bed. LOL. SO Noah got little sleep and Audrey was out like a rock! BUT they played long and hard today. I played long and hard today.


It was a good day for us all.


mommy AND Aunt Melinda XOXO


Daddy said... were so excited that Audrey was able to spend the night...This will also go down as anothe very memoriable moment in your life. One that I know you will think of often. Such great memories to have. Next time tho...maybe you should try and get more sleep. :) Your mommy took great pictures... Enjoy them as much as I do okay?

Love you greatly

Anonymous said...

You should be able to sleep over at her house one of these days. THat will be different.
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Patty said...

Beautiful sunset. I hope you got to see some trains while at Aunt Melissa's.

Looks like you and Audrey had some fun, and that's always nice.

Have a great Monday, since Mommy doesn't have to work on Mondays maybe you and she can do something again today. But then you both might be tired out from yesterday.

I have to go see the radiologist doctor at 10:30, so I will be leaving here in about fifteen mins. We got up to see Grandma C. yesterday and even with her bad knee, she baked a pie. You just can't keep that woman down.

Have a nice day, it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day outside with the blue sky and sunshine.
Love you little fella.

kyra said...

what a FANTASTIC adventure! the sleepover, the excitement of being with his cousin, the falls, the WIND! and that amazing sunset. so glorious. noah looks so happy and handsome. what a sweetie. congrats! i can't wait for fluffy to love spending time with his cousin!