Friday, April 06, 2007

Dear Noah....treatment for strep

Well last night around 10:00 after having another Popsicle you came to me crying saying you felt you were getting worse and you could barely we got ready and I ran you down to the After Hours Clinic in the local hospital. We had 40 minutes to go till they closed. You did very well there. We checked in. Nurse took a report and did vitals. Back to the ER we went. A doc came in...and basically said what I had had some fluid on your left the Motrin with decongestant I was giving would help that.

AND because it might really upset you to have a throat swab done and scare you and make you cry and feel worse, from what she could see and your 2 symptoms (fever and sore throat)....she decided to just go ahead and treat you for strep throat. She said they have had an outbreak in the area recently....and you could have picked it up anywhere. THEY EVEN GAVE us the medicine we needed before we left so no trip to the pharmacy or seeing the doctor today. AND ALL done within 1 hour and 10 minutes!

Right now you are actually even laughing in your room ...which is something you have not done for the past 2 days.

SO I think you are on your way to recovery....though you informed me you still only wanted to eat Popsicles and NO FOOD till you felt better.

I am hopeful you will feel even better as the day goes on.

I love you...

mommy XO


laughingwolf said...

way to go, NOAH!!!

congratulations on another big step in becoming a young man...

i know your mom is proud of your progress, too

hope you have a good sleep tonight and feel even better in the morning

Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
I am very proud of you being such a big boy for the doctor. You did a really good job. Now you should be feeling really great by Sunday when you come to visit. Love you to the moon and back. Grandma

Daddy said...

Noah, I am very happy that you behaved so well at the s=doctors. Trips such as these go far in helping you understand that you have to, at times, do certain things, experience different experiences...and even though you may not like those things and experiences,,,,how you handle them makes all the difference. ANd you did Great!!!! I am very proud of you. Love, Your Daddy