Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dear Noah!

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You are feeling so well you asked if you could have Burger King for lunch today. I decided to splurge and buy you lunch out. I let you get into the truck via the garage door so you could avoid any outside exposures....and off we went to the drive-thru to get you some lunch. We came back and I decided to call the Reverend Wynn to come mow our yard since it needed it and I did not want to stir up more allergens for me or you by myself mowing it. He charged the same price this year as last and always comes right away and does a good job mowing and trimming. I was hoping the mower would cut off our dandelions in the yard but it did not. Our yard is resembling a wildflower field with all the splashes of yellow! I am sure the neighbors are least the grass is cut and trimmed and the dandelions will not be there forever. I have also avoided any allergy/sinus symptoms myself by not mowing this time round.

However......DURING THE MOWING PROCESS little little INQUISITIVE man....I heard you giggling and saw more light coming into your room than normal. I figured you had opened your blind to the front window in your room to look out at the man mowing the grass. SO I decided to check on you to make sure you were not STANDING on your BED.

GUESS what I discovered when I walked around the corner and stepped into your room????? HUH??? Can anyone guess? THERE was little angelic boy.........8 years old, 64 pounds, sitting on TOP of his electronic keyboard on its flimsy stand, which raised him high enough to be able to see out the window without standing on his bed! See he had sought a solution to the NO STANDING OR JUMPING ON HIS BED rule I have been trying to sink into his brain....but his SOLUTION left MUCH to be desired!

I watched in horror as I could see him bouncing around and that keyboard bowing with each bounce! I am not sure why it did not come off the stand or break or something....but thank the Lord it did not. I IMMEDIATELY began to tell him to get off it and why. I asked him if he knew what he did was wrong and WHY. ALL the WHYs came spilling out as he KNEW he had done something wrong. I reminded him the keyboard cost like 250.00 which I think he forgot about.....and may not really mean anything to him yet anyway. I think he is still of the mindset any time you need money you just drive to the ATM and put in a piece of plastic and get money out. He has no idea that the money is money I have to work for to put in there and there is a specific amount available for specific things (we are going to work on that in school this year as he will be opening his own bank account).

SO I got him down.....the keyboard to me looks bowed a bit now...but maybe it is an optical illusion. I HOPE and pray it is only an optical illusion. I made him turn it on to see if it still played and it did.

sigh............all is well again I suppose. He feels so much better...and that is a good thing. His nose and sinuses are not filled with snotty crap like yesterday and the day before. No puking up of it either and no sore throat or difficulty swallowing. I have had to keep the windows closed keep allergens out.....but it is working.

okay.......I think I am calming down now. Maybe I can take a cup of coffee out to my wildflower patch and take a much needed break.

I still love you little booger you!

mommy XXOOXX


Anonymous said...

Wow. You do have dandelions. I never even noticed them this morning. I am surprised.

Anyway, sorry about Noah on the keyboard. It is a good thing it did not break. He might have hurt himself. Maybe you will have to put it away so it can heal itself back to normal.

Enjoyed the visit. We left there got two maidrites and drove to Aullwood and walked there again. I got a picture of Bush's plane through the trees at 12:33 but it isn't plain as it was through the trees.

Not much else is new.

We did find a new place to explore at Aullwood along the Stillwater river. Mom said she would fix a lunch and we would go there the next time.

Grandma said...

Move that keyboard for now and set a chair there by the window so you can peek outside now and then.

Yes, the keyboard could have broken, you could have fallen, so many things that we can think about but you were only thinking about seeing out the window.

It was nice to see you this morning. You looked like you were feeling pretty good, must have since you wanted to go to Burger King. Probably you were getting really hungry. Hope you ate a nice lunch.

More later, love you and Mommy.

Anonymous said...

Morning. Still got those dandelions up? Well. Maybe next time a train.

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