Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Occupational Therapy Day-10-19-05

Noah had occupational therapy today. He did pretty well as he usually does though it can be an intense day. They always start out in the sitting therapy room where he works on fine motor skills such as building up his grip, learning to use certain fingers or muscles in his hands to do certain things and to determine and promote one hand over the other for use as he tends to be ambidextrous.

So anyway....I got to talking to the therapist. She was giving Noah instructions on how to do certain body movements and he just couldn't get it. I told her even at home I have tried to give him simple instructions on let's say "put your hands over your face" when we were working on fire safety and the stop, drop and roll routine, and he did not have a clue as to what I meant by that. He put his hands everywhere BUT over his face. She said that is because of his lack of body awareness and sensory issues. It is truly a physiological thing and he can't help it. Same thing when he gets worked up and he started making noises with his mouth and even spit toward the therapist. She just did what I would do and told him "we don't spit in someone's face as that is not nice" and kept on going with the therapy. She said what I already knew....that it has to do with his oral stimulation and it is something he cannot help! Keith on the other hand thinks he should be able to NOT do certain things like that at all after being told to not do them. BUT again it is something he cannot control and he does NOT do on purpose. He just has to learn that it is not appropriate in certain social situations. His brain processes some things completely differently than we do and some things he does not process at all.

So anyway....more clips coming!

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