Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dear Noah:

After church on Sunday we decided to take a drive up to the mountains. A GREAT day to take a drive. Not too hot or too chilly. Super blue/clear skies. We just headed west. We ended up in Silverthorne, Colorado and we even stopped and took some nice scenic pictures for a change. Had a bite to eat and then drove a little farther west as you did not want to stop driving and wanted to keep heading WEST! So we drove on to Frisco and that was it. We saw some gorgeous mountain/lake views. We had so much fun. You were SO excited to take a drive and were all smiles the entire way UP the mountains singing and humming and making your usual noises you do when we take a drive. Riding in the car seems to provide enough sensory input that it actually soothes you I think so you end up sitting very well and behaving very well. Course you are buckled into your seatbelt also!

I will post some pics next of the gorgeous mountains and lakes we saw! Oh...YOU LOVED going through the tunnels!



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