Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dear Noah:

So we decided to go out to lunch after church today. Course all you want lately is fast food stuff. We decided on a regular restaurant but then realized after naming a few ideas that you don't really eat many places' food anymore. SO that rules out a lot of places to go.

At the last minute as everyone was hungry I suggested just picking up Chinese and BK for you and taking it home. You thought that was great. Daddy however wanted to eat out so we stopped at the Outback and ended up eating there. HAVE eaten their chicken strips in the past but today you were constantly holding your nose complaining about the smells of things.

They brought the loaf of hot bread out and you held your nose saying the bread smelled bad. Then they brought our food out and you complained about it's smell. You picked up one bite of your chicken and complained about the smell....and then started to cry and said you could not eat it anymore. You told me you thought we were going to Burger King. So Daddy and I finished our meals and we left. You had to be super hungry by then. We stopped and got you a kid's meal at BK and took it home for you to eat. Funny...they gave you the kid's meal toy which is a Halloween bucket this week. You picked it up and smelled it and said "mmmmmmmmm....that smells really good!" SO...I guess plastic smells better to you right now than some food.

I understand this is all part of your autism and sensory integration issues....but a bit concerned your sensitivities to certain food smells and tastes really limits your possible intake of food. Not like you are starving or anything. BUT...unless it is a fast food place...we only have a couple of other restaurants where you will still eat the food. Perkins, Fazolis, Dominos (no longer Pizza Hut), and Fuddruckers. Sometimes MAYBE Gunther Toodies or Cracker Barrel, or Village Inn or Old Chicago. No longer will you eat anything at Unos or Applebees. SO we get tired of fast food stuff so this means we will just be eating home more often which is fine with me as I prefer that!

I love you my little man. You did well in church again today!


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