Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dear Noah:

You are so sweet. You were watching "Iron Chef America" on tv with Daddy and you decided you needed to go to Target tomorrow to get an Easy Bake Oven so you could cook and then Mommy and Daddy could "judge" YOUR food you made! So hilarious and cute!

You have been saying some really cute things lately. I wanted to write them all down and now my mind seems to have forgotten some of them. I know I will remember them again so I will be back and post them once I do!

You did lose it a couple of times recently. Once was last night prior to bed when Daddy had come into the bathroom while you were using the toilet to get ready for bed. Apparently he wiped the seat off with toilet paper for some reason and then put the paper in the toilet which really really upset you as you felt that paper should have been tossed in the trash can. YOU CRIED AND CRIED and told Daddy he made a "boo boo" and should not have tossed the paper in the toilet, etc. On and on you went and even came into the bedroom bawling. What a mess!

Then today you lost it again Daddy brought strawberry ice cream home from the store and called you out to see it as you informed him "I don't eat that anymore", "you need to throw that in the trash can!!" and started crying all over again!! I proceeded to inform him about how you don't eat it anymore and that was why I had made him and me a strawberry milkshake not too long try to use up the strawberry ice cream we already had in the freezer that you were no longer eating! we have 2 half gallons of strawberry ice cream AND a half gallon of vanilla ice cream he also bought in the freezer. I guess he better start eating up!!

Last night I was the one who told you that Daddy "made a boo boo" by tossing the paper into the toilet while you were still on it so you have since coined the phrase "YOU MADE A BOO BOO" anytime we do something you don't think is right or something that bothers you.

I did make you some fried chicken wings today and you informed me that "I LOVE your homemade chicken wings" and you actually ATE THEM!! SO that is progress. If we can get you to eat some real veggies and fruits it would be great. You are saying how lettuce, and tomatoes and other veggies or fruits look good but when it comes time to even TASTE a bite you don't want anything to do with them most of the time. You will eat a bite or two of carrot, corn or beans. AND I MEAN A MINISCULE BITE!

Anyway.....we are all bathed and ready for church tomorrow. You have been going every week and have been sitting very well and it has even been going longer than usual!!

AND you have been wanting to GO SOMEWHERE most days you are more back to yourself in that area! AND playing with other kids at parks. So this is all good.



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