Monday, October 03, 2005

Dear Noah:

We decided to clean up your room and rearrange it completely which meant a lot of stress on us all. Mommy and Daddy got into it and you came up to me when I was yelling at Daddy and telling him to leave as I did not need his came up to me and started swatting me on my butt saying "You are being mean", "I NEED my daddy!". Stopped me in my tracks.

Had a busy weekend. Last night about 7:30 p.m. you decided you wanted Burger King for a late supper. I decided we should all ride along and go through the drive through and then "take a cruise" while you ate. Daddy and I got drinks at BK as we were not hungry like you. It was a nice night. Cool enough to keep the windows open a bit and it was great just getting place to go and just drive around and check the city lights out, etc. We were gone at least 1 hour. You calmed down. We all did after a very busy weekend. I said we needed to "take a drive" more often.

Today we had my VUE washed and cleaned so you played putt putt with daddy while the truck was being washed and waxed. The Wave Car Care Center is fabulous. SO many things for kids to do WHILE the car gets cleaned and washed. SO many things for the parents to do too!

THEN we drove up to the new local school supply place. WOW. We had a blast. The clerk there somehow cued in on the fact that you have autism. I know some of your behaviors are more noticeable but I was still surprised to think she could tell. Most can't. I guess it could have had something to do with the fact that you kept trying to SPIN the racks in there that could spin around. You finally found one with nothing on it which you promptly started spinning wildly. NO matter how many times we told you to NOT spin it at all or to spin it slowly as it was not a toy. The clerk took you up front and she taught you how to play this cool game which was one of the things we ended up buying. They have a seating area up front where the parents/teachers/shoppers can sit and ave gourmet coffees in big oversized cushy chairs while the kids play games and check out things at tables. FABULOUS store.

When we started talking about you Daddy told her you were autistic and she said she thought so.Not exactly sure but like I said I think she could tell by how you acted in there. SOME of your behaviors are a lot more noticeable now as you have gotten older. Anyone with experience in it at all or being around it would probably be able to tell.

SO we got some cool things for homeschool and plan to go back a LOT!

Back home now where you are still working on that game which will count toward school. Logic and sequencing and following directions are all involved. SO cool!



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