Friday, October 07, 2005

Dear Noah:

We got you dressed and ready for the day today. Decided to go get our storage locker and you had a great time checking out the lot and all the lockers we looked at. You almost had a meltdown because it was all over with in a few minutes and of course you wanted to continue looking at lockers. That is one thing going for you. If you like something you never seem to tire of it and can go on and on for hours and don't know when to stop so someone else has to tell you to. Guess that can be good and a bit bad.

We left there and ran back out to Big Lots. Then to Fazolis. By the end of the lunch you were MORE than ready to get back home.

It is good that you get out a little bit more now than you were but at the same time you still can't handle any long days doing much. You get so overwhelmed and overloaded so quickly. Then you spend the rest of the day recouping. SO this means MANY MANY sounds and much movement! Exhausting for you and anyone else around us and makes it very difficult to complete any homeschool!

BUT we did pretty well today. I was checking the curriculum for 1st graders and to be honest you are once again already where you should be at least by the end of the year (already at the beginning of the year). This is great....but means I need to introduce more SECOND grade stuff for you instead of all 1st grade.

You have really been enjoying your study of EGYPT. I don't remember studying about EGYPT in first grade ever! SO you are amazing. You now want your entire room to be filled with stuff about EGYPT! SO we have been busy making pyramids and pharoah and cat masks. Studying all about Egypt. You really like discussing the TOMBS and mummies as you are infatuated with TOMBS right now.

SO anyway........found some great books at the library on Thursday. You are doing great with your reading. It amazes me how much you "just know".

You were so funny today. You came out early and got your step stool. Took it somewhere but came back pretty soon. I asked what you were doing. You said you took it to see if our furnance was on as you were apparently cold....but you said "the furnace wasn't on!" hahaha. Oh well. Nights have been chilly lately.

SO I imagine Saturday we will start taking some boxes over to the new locker. It is a nice one. We went with a 10 x 10 for now. I think that should be large enough though we had thought about a 10 x 15 or 10 x 20. You should have fun.

You are still totally engrossed in TAPING and RECORDING anything...from cassette tapes to video clips on a digital camera to ANYTHING you can record with including tape recorders. I let you have at it as the repetition of watching and listening back to these recordings has really helped you with your speech and learning about things.

SO you are now off in your room......recording more cassettes. You get so excited if I give you a new one to record on. EVEN if it is an old one I don't care that you record over that had something else on it. Like a kid at Christmas!

More tomorrow God willing.


Mommy (smells like someone has a fire in their fireplace tonight)

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