Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dear Noah:

So I was out here in the living room today packing up boxes and you just came by. Found a toy piano in a box we are donating to Salvation Army. You started playing it. Next thing I know you were playing "The First Noel", "London Bridge Is Falling Down", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and a few other songs. I was amazed about First Noel! I asked you HOW you could play that and how you learned.

You promptly told me "I just figured it out myself in my own mind!" You said "I know how to be amazing!" hahaha. I have been wanting to check into piano lessons for you as you are very interested. AND some kind of tumbling classes or something where you can work out on mats and stuff like in occupational therapy. They have special classes even for autistic kids in some places.

SO after seeing what you could do even on a piano that did NOT tell you how to play a certain song and you could do it all yourself...I will definitely have to check into this!



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Patty said...

Hi again,
Perhaps he doesn't need to reads music, he might be able to figure out a song, after hearing it once, and play it himself.

Which reminds me, my piano needs a tunning.