Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you started out having a great day today. Got up. You rarely if ever come out now and say good morning to me first like you used to. Used to be when you got up you would always come out here in the living room first to say good morning to me and even have me hug you. Now you get up and go to the bathroom and then back into your room and start reading or listening to music or playing something on your computer. That is fine but I miss you coming out!

BUT today when I walked by your room this morning you yelled out "good morning Mommy" and then followed that by "how are you?". I was so impressed! MILESTONES for you to interact like this! AND last night before bedtime you sat up in bed and smiled at me and I asked you "what?" and you said "I just really love you a lot!" Made me super happy and proud that you can express yourself like that. You promptly fell asleep afterwards!

Today we got ready to leave earlier as you had speech therapy but we had 2 stops to make first. SO I stopped and got your some hash browns from Burger King for your breakfast and we drove to the post office so I could overnight that package to the new job offer and then to the library to pick up my books and stuff on hold. You really wanted to go inside to both places but we were in a hurry as we had to get to speech therapy on time. We did. All went well there. You did great. We left and you decided to you would like CiCi's pizza for lunch so we stopped and got some cash and went there for lunch.

ALL was well. We left. Daddy decided to toss your Burger King trash from the back seat and that included your old cup from there and you about had a fit. Started a crying episode just over the fact that you would not have your paper BK cup to take inside the house (and we don't take those home anymore anyway). SO...I got you calmed down from that.

We had to run to the store to get Daddy some lunchmeat and stuff for sandwiches as he is filling in for someone this week and has to run routes. SO he needs sandwiches to take in the car on the road. You were excited about going to Safeway grocery store as they have hand basket shopping carts (small ones with 2 baskets top and bottom) that is just your size and you can push around. You got your cart and I of course had to get another cart to push around...the full size one.

We were going through the store and getting our stuff. You pushed your empty cart all around and spun it around in the middle of any aisle you could and were happy.

TILL IT CAME TIME TO LEAVE and put the cart away. This started yet another crying episode about how you needed a cart like that at home to push around. How you wanted me and you to come back later after Daddy went to work so you could push the cart around some more. How you needed a bigger cart to push around because your cart at home was lower and you had to bend over part-way to push it around now (not really).

On and on and on. You wanted me and you to go home and MAKE a shopping cart but you did not know how we would do that as we had no plans you said. I said we could make our own plans. You asked what we could make it out of. On and on. Cryin the entire time...and we were STILL IN THE STORE don't forget.

Crying out to the parked car in the lot. Crying in the car. Screaming in the car about needing a cart to push/spin around that had 2 baskets and was higher and the wheels would turn, etc., over and over and over.

I finally told you to calm down and get a grip. To take some deep breaths and once you calmed down then you could talk to me some more about shopping carts.

Inside the house. More crying. I got our your current shopping cart here at home for you to push. Apparently it is no longer good enough...or at least today it is not. You need one higher to push not lower. You need 2 baskets not 1. I made a second basket but it is still too low. SO back into the closet the cart went.

Daddy checked for hand basket shopping carts online and they are pretty expensive. Even the ones on EBAY are not cheap. SO....we will see. This is not something you will forget......but...maybe we can get one for you and then donate the other one to charity. AND then heaven forbid we get one that is not exactly like the one at Safeway and look out. You would not want that one either.

SO....you are calm for the moment. I have had you do some of your favorite things in your room to calm down. I then got the big massager out and let you hold it as it vibrated. Now you are looking for things to get into.....mainly to SPIN. I will need to find something.

Homeschool in a bit. Should be an interesting day. You also said something really cute in the car earlier but for the life of me I can't recall it yet. When I do I will be back to record it.



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