Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dear Noah:

Have noticed you have had an extremely difficult time sitting still lately. You seek so much sensory input from your environment that you are on the move constantly. The speech therapist today actually sat you on a therapy ball instead of a chair which she said helped. SO we may try that at home. Course we can't tote one of those along with us everywhere we go.

We went to the pumpkin farm today. Picked 3 nice pumpkins. You had a good time but covered your ears a lot at the sounds out there on the farm. You petted some animals and we took some pics which I will post next. Below is a video clip of you searching for pumpkins.

We went to dinner with grandpa Leonard tonight. You had a great time but rarely sat at our table as you were busy standing in the aisle or at the table across from us (which was empty of course)....moving around...making sounds....covering your ears and humming. The past few weeks have been really really difficult for you.

Speech therapy went very well however. Our day went well. You say some of the cutest things now and are so willing to offer your help if we are busy doing something and you see that we MIGHT need help.

Still the littlest things can upset you. Strange little things sometimes can really set you off.

So...I will post some pumpkin patch pics next.



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