Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dear Noah:

Wow...what a trying day for you!

We decided to run a couple of errands. You decided to get dressed so we could do the errands. ALL seemed okay.

Decided to cut back on the errands as it was already late and everyone was hungry for lunch. SO we went to Arbys for lunch first. Then to Hallmark to pick up some Christmas ornaments we had ordered. While there you were really in a mood to MOVE MOVE MOVE. You were spinning around in the store but we were afraid you would get too close and spin too close to some breakables. While I was at the counter checking out your daddy apparently got on you for spinning and he still does not know how to tell you to NOT do things in a way that won't set you off. you went into a major meltdown! You ran up to a display of MUSIC that you can punch in numbers and listen to samples of CDs. THANK goodness you chose that area and not like the glass candle area beside it. your fit you ran up to that display of CDs and slammed/pushed/shoved your way into it with your hands, which in turn knocked the entire top shelf of CDs off!

I think because we are such good customers and were spending quite a bit the owner and cashier did not think much of it but we sure did! When they went to try to pick up all the CDs your daddy promptly told them "no....he can do it" and we set you to work picking up the CDs and putting them all back where they belonged.

Then you told the women in there working you were sorry. Then I made you sit down in a chair till we were done checking out. You came up and promptly informed me "but my body has to move!" I told you I was sure it did but inside a store with some breakable things was NOT the place to do it and you would have to wait till we were done checking out and went outside so you could move all you wanted. I also reminded you if you wanted to go to the storage locker today you had to listen. SO you were sad and a bit sniffly but you did better.

BUT you were that way everywhere we went. Ended up always crying about something. AND I MEAN CRYING!!!!!! We would calm you down and then head to another place and the entire cycle would happen again. You had a very hard time listening. Very difficult time not moving and spinning around or wanting to touch things in stores to the point where you knocked them down laughing the entire time. You don't seem to grasp the concept that knocking things off in a store from the shelves is NOT something funny to do. At least you are becoming aware of how your body feels and can now sense when you need to move which is a good thing. TEACHING you how to control that till you are somewhere safe to MOVE is the next step. OR giving you substitute acceptable moving behaviors you can do till you can do large body movements somewhere safe like at home.

Makes me realize more and more how important having our own house is. You can be louder then. You can move more then, etc.

SO after the last 2 stops you really just wanted to go home as by this time you were completely exhausted. AS we ALL were. SO no moving of stuff to the storage locker today.

I also reminded you that your behavior today was another reason WHY you needed to learn to be consistent with your actions and words so you could remain calm and in control.

Anyway.....we are all tired. Not much got done. Thank the Lord nothing got broken at Hallmark!!

I love you.


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