Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Angel Boy......

Such a joy....such a challenge. Just got off the phone with his therapists..or possible ones. Seems insurance companies like Kaiser won't always PAY for different therapies for kids EVEN IF they NEED it if they are over 5 years of age. So...Noah will unfortunately be left out of many PAID therapies via our insurance company as he is 6 1/2 years old and he is over the age limit. THIS I do NOT understand. I am well over 5 years of age and yet if I needed speech therapy or physical therapy my insurance (THE SAME ONE) WOULD cover it. Because it is considered LONG-TERM it somehow changes things. I am a bit mad about all this and will have to definitely seek out other completing the Colorado Medicaid waiver for Noah so he could get additional funds via that.

So many things he does not have to even think about now or worry about. I will do all that for him. BUT so frustrating for any parent to think that their insurance company will not cover and pay for certain things their child obviously needs. Noah will need speech therapy and occupational therapy long-term because of his autism and sensory integration issues. He will also need social skills training which I doubt our insurance will cover long-term either. A bit depressing...and sad. I feel bad for all the kids out there who are always denied coverage for needed medications and therapies while their parents on the same coverage ARE covered. Does NOT make any sense to me. AND I would gladly give up my portion of that coverage to be used for him instead if I could.

So basically we will end up being the therapists working with our son. We have dealt with the same problems in the public school setting, and in the physician setting all these years. The parents are the ones who truly end up being the TEACHERS for their children with autism and special needs. We will be the ones ending up working with Noah long-term on speech therapy or occupational therapy issues AND even the social skills issues. While I don't mind at all, I have to wonder what we are paying for when we pay for our insurance coverage?

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