Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well I got you to make it to church today even though you did not want to go. You were excited once there. Ran to our row. Stopped dead in your tracks when you saw a man sitting one seat beside where you normally sit. You started crying and freaking out. We calmed you down and told you it was OKAY to be different and have someone else sitting in that row too. Daddy took you to the restroom. You came back okay...but still wanted to move.

Meanwhile while you were in the restroom I proceeded to explain to this man in the row all about you. This man we know from church. He has cancer and today was on oxygen. I felt bad. I did not want him to think it was because of HIM. I explained about you having autism and having to have things "just so" or it would upset you. I also explained how I felt you needed to learn how to make these adjustments however....but that if we had to still move into a different row it would NOT be because of him. AND of course he seemed to truly understand it all and was trying to reassure me! He seems to have such strong faith and endurance!

You came back from the restroom. You had to move to another row so we moved 2 rows up! Pretty much in the front row! You did pretty well. Sang the praise and worship songs. Sat well till toward the end and you got pretty antsy.

You even got your own shoes on INCLUDING orthotics today. Talk about making progress!




Chris said...

Noah is making some good progress with his orthotics I see. I am so happy for you. I take it they aren't bothering him and they are comfortable for him???

Melinda said...

they don't seem to bother him much at all. Not like we thought. SO that is great! I guess they are comfortable as he wears them and never complains. AND his feet never look like they have areas where the orthotics are rubbing too hard, etc. He is doing much better than we anticipated!! ;)