Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well Daddy decided to not take off for vacation the rest of the days this week. I had told him he may as well work and SAVE some of that time off as we were not going anywhere anyway. He is really needed at work right now because of having to hire some more people and do other things...and his new supervisor had even asked if he could come in today and tomorrow.

SO I told him he may as well....which he decided to do...which is okay to you because he then let you pick out for him the other days he would take off in the future. You picked a Wed, Thurs, and Friday in September and the day after Thanksgiving. NICE!

Nothing else much new today. I got up early and stayed up to work for a few hours but then decided to lay back down on the sofa to sleep. Your daddy asked me if I was feeling okay. Seems if I am sleeping cause I am tired (and don't get enough sleep) that everyone thinks I am sick or something.

Anyway......sounds like they are starting the weekly mowing here. I need to go and get some things done.

I LOVE have been doing great!


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