Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dear Noah:

You actually did very well with your occupational evaluation yesterday. It lasted 90 minutes so we were wondering if you could handle it.

BUT you did and did very very well. The OT gave you many different things to do and try to see what you could or could not do such as buttoning shirts, using zippers and snaps, cutting with scissors, squeezing things with your hands and then just your fingers, etc. You really enjoyed being put to task! You even sat well for her.

After that visit we had to run over to Target to kill some time as we had another hour before your visit with the orthotist. I KNEW she probably had to make molds of your feet and was wondering how that was going to go. I had told you ahead of time that no one that day would do anything to "hurt you".

You did well even during that visit. They put this sock thing over your feet and ankle (one foot at a time) and then basically do like a cast over that. You got to help her hold this strip in place (which is later what she used to guide scissors to cut the cast thing off your foot without cutting into your skin).

You did well until you saw the scissors. You freaked a bit and cried a little but we kind of just kept working around you and talking to each other and you got through it. However, you did not want your second foot done. BUT you did it....crying SOFTLY the entire time but you DID IT.

All in all we were amazed and very proud of you and how you acted. However, you could tell you were in severe sensory overload mode by the time we went from there to lunch at CiCi's pizza. You looked very drugged and subdued. The clinic had a huge aquarium in the waiting room you sat beside and it really soothed and calmed you down. I would like to get one for home. did well. Came home and played on the computer the rest of the afternoon into the night.

Now we wait on all the results, for the orthotics/braces to be made to wear over your socked feet and up your ankles...and for more referrals to continue with PT and OT. We are also still waiting on your referral for speech therapy.

I love you to the MOON and back again!!!!! FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!


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