Monday, July 18, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well I found out that our Kaiser insurance approved 12 whole visits for you for physical therapy or occupational therapy. SO...we will most likely use it all for occupational therapy since that is your greatest need right now. We go pick up the orthotics on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Hopefully those will resolve any physical therapy needs....IF WE CAN GET YOU TO WEAR THEM!

Now I have to find out the details about speech therapy and the social skills class.

Been a lazy summer the past month and a half. No school, no big demands you place on our time.....except on days when you just seem to bounce off the walls, furniture and floor. Sometimes those come in spurts and those days are exhausting for everyone. Other times like today, you find things to entertain yourself and I feel almost guilty for just letting you BE and play alone. Right now you are enjoying all these new books on CD I got you. You are in our room on the floor by the CD boombox having a great time. RECORDING YOURSELF all the white I might add. You cannot do anything without my digital recorder in hand!

We watched a television show last night called the Dead Zone. Don't normally watch it but we were watching The 4400 and it gave a preview for the Dead Zone and it was to have an autistic boy portrayed in it. While we would consider you more high functioning than the child on tv, there were many things that boy did on the show that you also do. It is weird cause I guess in the past we just denied these things...or maybe they have become more pronounced over time. I am not sure. BUT there are most definitely things you do that are so obvious now. Things like making sounds (squeals, screeching, etc.) or humming a song over and over and over while doing anything on paper, lining things up, not wanting to be touched sometimes, not wanting to be looked at sometimes, covering your ears and even screaming or crying because of certain sounds or loud noises, cowering and trying to comfort yourself after a meltdown episode, constant movement and I MEAN CONSTANT, etc. So...the show was interesting as that boy last night did many of those things too.

SO anyway....12 visits are better than none. AND it is a good start. If you don't do so well we can hopefully get more visits approved. Meanwhile I need to complete the paperwork gathering of information for the Colorado Medicaid Waiver. I wanted to have all the information to them by tomorrow. YEAH RIGHT. Hopefully by their next meeting date it will all be there.

You are really reading great. AND your comprehension has come so far! You are really improving with that which is good. I don't hear so many "I don't know" answers now. Now you offer really good ones and the CORRECT ONES!



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