Friday, July 08, 2005

Dear Noah:

You are having a good day today I think. BATH time later for SURE! No excuses today mylittle man!

Nothing new to write about today except I am still appalled that insurance companies (or at least ours) MAY not pay for OT and PT for you because you are over 5. I don't get that. If it is something you require I still don't see how age has anything to do with it!

HOT HOT HOT today!

Love you



Stacey Teague said...

Is there any help from the state? If he were in California it would all be covered by state programs....

P/S INsurance companies suck!

Melinda said...

well there may be some help...I am in the process of applying for a Colorado Medicaid Waiver for Noah....which would get him on Medicaid benefits to receive and pay for things like this that our insurance would not cover. It is a process and lengthy and he may not even qualify for that!