Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dear Noah:

Last night we had very very low water pressure for some reason. SO...when you would turn on the faucet water barely trickled out. Which meant when you flushed the toilet it took forever to fill back up. You came to bed and started crying saying the toilet was broken again and not working cause you flushed it but it was "still running" cause you "could hear it" and this was over the 2 fans running in the bedroom AND the AC! SO I got up and investigated and that is when I found out about the water pressure. is better this morning. Not quite back to full pressure but much better. Hopefully it WILL get back to full pressure soon. Not sure what caused it.

I also found out yesterday after seeing some suspicious marks on my digital camera/recorder I have been letting you use....that you have apparently been BITING it sometimes. You now have a phrase you spurt out "I'm sorry mommy!" over and over when you have done things wrong. I could not believe you would even think about biting the camera! BUT apparently you have. There were several small nicks in it where you said you have tried biting it. You also admitted to banging it in frustration sometimes on your desk in your room...another NO NO!

When I get things I keep them looking new forever. I am probably weird that way. I got a new digital camera/recorder so I figured you could use this you love to record so much. You always take such good care of things normally so I figured there were no worries about you NOT doing so. I have explained to you time and time again WHY you need to take care of things. I have only had that camera since right before last Christmas so it is only about 8 months old. If it were only me using it would still look brand new and last forever probably. I am not sure how long it will last for you or if it could last forever! You are certainly putting it through a test. Part of me feels like I should take it away from you....but then I got it to USE it which you most certainly are doing. I guess I personally don't have to have 2 camera you could continue using that one.

So we reviewed rules last night. I keep asking if you are following those rules and you said you were trying. I asked what that meant and you said you had banged it a couple of times again! I said NO more banging!

Poor is a wonder it has held up so far. I told you this is not a toy.....and if you did not take care of it....and it broke...that would be the END of you recording anything ever! I will not be letting you use this new one I bought. I guess I have so many cameras and keep them all and use them all as there is something I like about each one that is a bit different than the other. The one you are currently using is pretty nice and convenient to use...has great sound...takes great video...but I think the pics have a lot to be desired. SO it turned out to be used for us only for video! I believe the new one will be great for video too...and the sound will be fine though it is hard to hear it back on the camera....and it takes fantastic pictures!

SO yes...your mother is a bit obessessed! I had no idea when I got the first camera/recorder it would be used on a DAILY ALL DAY basis. I only intended it to be used occasionally to capture unique moments in time with you! hahaha. Well.. I guess we have a bunch of moments in time captured now...though now we don't always save all the clips you record.

I am going to get some work done.



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