Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dear Noah:

You started out having a great day. About mid afternoon things got rougher. Your daddy was part-time playing with you which made you get upset. Seemed every time you turned around Daddy would disappear and then you would have to go through the entire process of ASKING him to play with you again or to come back! This upset you. I am not sure why it seems so difficult for your daddy to sit and play with you long-term sometimes.

Anyway....things escalated. Daddy apparently touched one of your trains you were playing with...that was the last straw for you. You screamed and screamed and yelled and screamed and picked up the train and THREW it at daddy. BIG mistake but you did it anyway. You were trying to tell him in between about how him touching your train made you feel.....daddy of course was mad you hit him with the train....and once again MOMMY plays referee! I don't think I spelled that right.

So.....I finally got you calmed down and told you what you did wrong and what you should have done.....told you to apologize to daddy...and then you went to your room to "calm down" some more.

You finally did. Next thing I know at least 2 more episodes exactly like this happened. During one episode I heard something in our bedroom and then you making this horrible screaming/animal sound over and over again while you proceeded to slam my dresser drawer/doors open and closed. Again something daddy had done set you off. You went into your room as I told you to go there to calm down...and proceeded with the animal screaming sounds over and over....I do hope the neighbors cannot hear that as they probably wonder what is going on up here!

You came out looking completely exhausted and I asked you if you were having a rough day and you said yes. You came over and I held you and you just sat quietly and calmed down more.

I think and hope you will be fine now the rest of the night. I do hope we can go to church tomorrow together but if this is any indication I am already thinking it may not happen.

So in the end it was a typical day for us when Daddy is around you all the for some reason he seems to push your buttons! Now we should sleep well tonight.

I love you my little man!


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