Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dear Noah:

So...I forgot a few things on my earlier post. Lately you have had moments were you don't want anyone to "see" you. Today at Super Target you did not want ME to apparently see you. I looked and there you were walking with your body hugged up tight against Daddy's leg with your head practically up his butt.....(blinders for you I guess).....and it was because as you said "I don't want Mommy to see me". Not a "you can't see me" type of game. You honestly did not want me to see you! I guess you figured if you could not see me I also could not see you. SO you walked over half of Super Target like this....as for some reason you thought I would be staring or looking at you and you did not want that.

Same thing happened yesterday when you were on the floor playing trains with Daddy. No it was Sunday. Anyway....you wanted Daddy to sit on the floor where he could BLOCK your view of me...as again..."you did not want to see Mommy". You freaked if you thought I WAS looking at you.

You also freaked cause Daddy touched your train....you picked up the train and threw it at him.....and had a royal fit.

SO while you make some progress....you have moments of regression at the same time.

Almost time for bed now. You just got done playing in our closet recording yourself shredding some tissue paper you found in my wrapping paper stash! Yeah....you said you liked it cause it could fly all around and because of the sounds it made I guess.

SO hot. Still in the high 80s at 9:30 p.m. I am thankful for AC but when it is this warm out and we have skylights and face west...the condo can still get pretty warm in the front room. Funny how when it is warm...you start to count the days...each day by day....till cooler weather arrives. I am already ready for fall!



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