Friday, July 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

WOW you did FABULOUS today! I mean FABULOUS! We decided to go out for lunch. You asked about wearing your orthotics on your own! I have been telling you every day and night before going to sleep how by wearing them your feet and ankles will get stronger and your legs will get stronger and YOU will feel better and get stronger. You are very in to trying them now.

SO you asked...and I decided to let you test them out today! We got things all situated and on. You walked around. We told you how great you looked and that they made you a little taller. You were excited. AND more excited thinking you were instantly you went around displaying your strength by moving heavy things to other areas in the house!

We left and went out to eat. Took about 2 hours total to drive over, eat and come back. You had the shoes and orthotics on the ENTIRE TWO HOURS! Back home I had you run in them. You did great Noah!

It was amazing to Daddy and me how your feet and ankles and legs were all instantly put into proper stance and position just by wearing those things! Just incredible! No fallen knees in, no poor stance and holding yourself funny or walking odd. It was amazing. I asked if it made your feet and legs feel better and you said yes!

Back home we took them off. You are now once again barefoot as am I! BUT we are so very proud of you today and happy you gave these such a very good first try!

I love you so much!


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Chris said...

Awww I am so happy for the little man. WAY TO GO NOAH!!! I am glad the orthotics are working for him Melinda. Keep up the good work Noah, you made Mommy and Daddy so very proud and you also made your Moms online friends happy!!! :)